Michigan State University's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Unveiled

by kutang on September 14, 2011

Michigan State recently unveiled their Nike Pro Combat Uniforms that they will be wearing when facing the skunk bears of University of Michigan on October 15.

MSU's Nike Pro Combat Uniform

Made by Nike. lolumad Michigan? Jeally much?

As a fan of Michigan State, I’m still not exactly canada viagra for sale sure how I feel about them. For one, the word “Spartans” have replaced the players last names on the back of the jersey; and two, I certainly have mixed feelings about the colors.

While I do enjoy the sharpness of the look and the bronze and green colors, the lack of white is throwing me off. With no white to be found on these uniforms, it seems so foreign to me after living and breathing the Green and White colors since birth. I guess the color scheme of a super dark green, bronze, and black hasn’t really sunk in for me. Probably due to the fact that these colors remind me a bit of Baylor and University of Southern Florida.

Anywho, to understand why the color bronze was chosen jersey, is that it represents two things. One, the bronze color is a homage to the early 1900′s, where Michigan State College colors, I’m assuming, was bronze and green. I’m basing my guess on the winged helmets we had in 1933. The is a tribute more of a symbolic gesture. Honoring the ferocious warriors of Sparta who carried those damn heavy bronze shields when they went to battle.

Michigan throwback jersey

My uniform was created by a third grader!

Another interesting and historic tribute that is being is the quote “Molon Labe” which will be inscribed on the back of their collars. The quote “Molon Labe” roughly translates to “come and take them”. A response supposedly given by the Spartans when ordered by the Persians to surrender their weapons.

In my opinion, the only thing I would really change on the uniform is the black pants. If we were to add some white, I would use the white to replace the black pants. Bronze, white, and green would represent Michigan State well.

I would also like to state that these uniforms look tenfold better than the throwback uniforms that Adidas provided to the little sisters of Ann Arbor. Michigan’s throwback uniform looked as if Adidas asked a third grader to design what they thought a good outfit for the football players would look like. Or by one of Michigan’s football player who is majoring in the extremely challenging and strenuous General Studies program.

Michigan's uniform when they face the Spartans of Michigan State

Michigan's "I feel so pretty" uniform when they face the Spartans of Michigan State on October 15.

Anyways, Michigan being Michigan, the little sisters who like to whine, complain, and are the jealous types, are not be outdone by Michigan State’s Pro Combat Uniforms by Nike. Rumor has it, the Waah-verines of Michigan will be dressed in outfits of their own when facing Michigan State. Brady “I like to point at things” Hoke stated that “We’re Michigan” and forced to have David Brandon create an outfit for his football players to wear. From what I hear, Michigan’s uniform is nearing completion with a few minor details that needs to be adjusted before the outfit is ready to wear. Changes that are still needed to be made is the removal of the dolphin logo and replace with the block M and the helmet. Everything else is going to stay as is. An image for your sneak peak viewing pleasure of  the outfit is provided on the left. It’s a spectacular powder blue and white and screams I’m so fearsome! Rawr!

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with our Nike combat uniforms (minus the lack of white) and cannot wait to see our players wearing these high tech outfits when they defeat Michigan and their Swiss cheese of a defense.

Now… where can I get these sweet jerseys and what are your thoughts on these jerseys?

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  • Anonymous

    Go Go Power Rangers.

  • Tim Gray Matter

    What does that M stand for on the blue jersey?

  • Kutang

    Morons. I kid, I kid. It stands for Michigan. Or Missouri. Depending on what state you are from.

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