Michigan vs Michigan State

by kutang on October 14, 2011

So Michigan faces Michigan State in Spartan Stadium in East Lansing this coming Saturday. This game will be a testament as to which State of Michigan team is going to better.

As a Spartan fan, it’s always a gut wrenchingwhen playing against team Denard Robinson. As much as I dislike the University of Michigan skunkbears, I do respect the humble, play making ability of Denard Robinson. It’s just too bad Denard doesn’t know how to tie his shoes and that the vast Michigan fans are incapable of learning to be humble like Denard.

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Coming off a bye week after beating Ohio State, I’m hoping to see a more solidified offensive line. They did a fairly decent job of protecting Kirk Cousins, but to win this game, we’re definitely going to need the offensive line to open up running lanes. The team with the most rushing yards has won 38 of the last 41 games. With the predicted weather forecast of having 30 mph winds, the run game becomes extremely important. Although with all the luck Michigan is having this season, the 30 mph winds will most likely be an advantage to the Walverines. Due to how Denard throws the ball under ideal conditions, I expect the 30 mph winds to lead him to throw tight spirals. It’s either that or the balls will float into the stands.

Defensively, I’m hoping we can contain Denard like last year and force him to pass and make more decisions. After all, we did set the blue print for Big Ten play. Watching him play, his passing game seemed to have regressed. With that being said, I expect Worthy and company to continue their defensive dominance which was shown against Ohio State and knock Denard around and rattle him quite a bit. This will hopefully force Denard to throw his wildly inaccurate passes to become even more wildly inaccurate which will than be easily picked off by our secondary for six points. I believe our front four will be able to take control of Michigan’s offensive line, but it would then be a game of preventing Denard from making a play with his feet from a busted play. We all know that when Denard is pressured and forced to throw, he tends to throw off his back foot and the ball floats like a lame duck.

I imagine that this game will be more of a defensive battle with both offense struggling. It’s going to be a game of who has the capability to make big plays, less mistakes, and which team has the better defense. I will admit that Michigan’s defense has improved since the last few years. They still sometimes show signs of being a crappy defense, but overall they viagra best online store canada have unfortunately improved. Of course when you were ranked dead last in defensive statistics a year ago, you really have no where to go but up. In the end, I think the we have the defensive edge. We may have lost some good players (Greg Jones and Eric Gordon), but a lot of newcomers have stepped up.

I also think in order for Michigan State to win, we’re going to put a lot of points on them quickly and maintain pressure on the Denard. Michigan has a done a pretty decent job adjusting in the second half on the defense and managed comeback wins. Most likely by luck. But a win is a win.

I’m thinking that this will be a close game. I’m thinking a 31-24 win for the Spartans giving the Waaah-lverines their first lost of the season and we keep the Paul Bunyan trophy for another year in East Lansing.

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