Why I'm a Spartan

by admin on November 2, 2011

I was born to be a Spartan. At my high school graduation party my mom proudly displayed a picture of me, barely able to walk, in a MSU t-shirt. Four months later, I was spending my first of what would be seven years in East Lansing. I received my B.A. in Economics from the Eli Broad College of Business, and was one of the first classes to graduate under the newly renamed “Michigan State University College of Law”. I look back at that photo, and realize even at that age I knew where I’d end up.

My mom used to take me to games, and would sit me on her lap as she’d scream and yell so loud that I’m sure George Perles really did hear her. You see, I’m afraid that if I had chosen to go canada pharmacy viagra to any other school I’d probably be orphaned. My mother was, and still is to this day, the biggest MSU fan I have ever met. She knew not only the players stats, but their majors and how they acted off the field. She took great pride in the fact she graduated from MSU, more so than any other fan I’ve ever met.

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For me, I feel truly lucky to be a Spartan. I think back to my freshman year at Bailey Hall, eating at peanut barrel, or the time I spent at “Ricks” american cafe (do they still have VIP cards?). I remember the aud, gumby’s, the idiots who dived into the red cedar when the temperature dropped below 0, and hoping they would cancel classes every time we’d get a snowstorm. I remember the riots, the burning couches, the banning of drinking games at tailgating. I remember Johnny Spartan. I even remember when shaw hall wasn’t a “spa”.

Even here in Arizona I will still see the occassional green and white shirt. When I do, I always yell “Go green”. Sometimes, I’ll get a confused look from the person, which makes me think wearing our school colors is now passe. However, for those who bleed green like I do I will hear that beautiful music to my ears…..”Go White”.

  • http://www.cwdecals.com/ Brittany

    I’m glad to hear you’re representing the Spartans well in Arizona! My twin and her husband moved out to Phoenix from East Lansing a few years ago and they love seeing fellow MSU Alumni sporting their Sparty shirts around there. She says it’s hard to find MSU anything there so it gave me the idea to get an MSU license to produce and sell MSU decals to have available for out of staters to buy online. I started the business 4 months ago and are already in 12 stores in Michigan but would love to get in any stores in Arizona since I know how many Spartans live there but don’t know enough about the area to know where I’d sell them at. We believe no matter where you live, you can turn your place into a Sparty space!
    Let me know if you have suggestions where to sell MSU gear out there, thanks!

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